Biological Balance

Beautiful lotus flower in full bloom with a blurred background of water
Image by Zoltan Tasi

The modern world is now entering a 12 month cycle that reveals in a crystal clear reality how advanced and civilized have we become as a humanity.
Fragmented tragedies and savagery are happening every day to overwhelm the majority of us, causing us to feel helpless and numbed by the enormity of global events. Yet always for the majority of us, safe places and lucky circumstances protect us from the horrors.
Now we are being faced with a dangerous biological enemy that attacks us at our very core: our immune system and our own biological being. How we as a human race deal with this dramatic event will, I am sure, determine our future as civilized humans. And so far, so good.
Have we acted too slowly? I do not see slow reactions from governments worldwide; especially our beloved Aotearoa New Zealand. Very decisive actions are being implemented and time is being gained to curb this dangerous enemy and weaken its ferocity: and in due course neutralise it as all biological enemies can be dealt with by the advanced civilization that we should be.
Once this is dealt with, and I have no doubt it will be, I see some very interesting changes happening. Greed economics will experience a big setback as this global crisis is creating what so many liberal-minded folks have been fighting for over centuries: social justice and equal opportunity and the protection of the most vulnerable. Not communism which is fascism in a different guise – instead simply democratic social order. Elected persons to work for the benefit of their nation, not for the egotistical ideologies which separate nations and people into left and right: an egotistical battleground and negative nation-building. Replaced by unity and shared ideas and finding collective solutions and replacing the dog eat dog mentality with some decent practical management of resources – human and otherwise.
Only the very dangerous and disturbed individuals incarcerated: to be dealt with firmly yet not cruelly. The majority rehabilitated into society – perhaps a society they can feel they can be a part of and feel welcome. Rehabilitation from a strong compassionate nation which reinforces their human resources: fire personal, ambulance personal, and all the services currently undervalued. CEOs and overpaid egos once and for all curbed by a common-sense society.
This is the new direction and upgrade for a civilized humanity and a pandemic will herald a new compassionate world – and a compassionate world that will protect its biological environment.

Ô Manna Breath,
Ramon’s Insights


collage of images for Nefertiti's City of Light historical novel by Natasha Rendell. Top: desert dunes before a dusk sky. Middle: woman standing in Egyptian temple with sunlight beaming upon her from door arch. Bottom Left: close up of lotus flower. Bottom Right: Egyptian temple doors, slightly ajar. Decorated with a scarab and two Egyptian Gods.


The magnificent reimagining of the life of Egypt’s most enigmatic queen.
From her journey as a young princess of the kingdom of Saba to a new home and role as the wife of Egypt’s revolutionary Pharaoh Akhenaton. To the founding of the mysterious and controversial city of the Aten — the City of Light.


Mass Drama

Blue and purple sky with a mass of clouds and lighting bolts
Image by Felix Mittermeier

Two forces at play in the global mass-energy. One – aspirational goals and creative manifesting. The other – true grit actions required when the negative explodes into mass drama.
The outcome for humanity, or indeed the individual, is the power of creative aspirational soul vision. So when the global and individual explosions occur, strength and will power overcomes the negatives and returns the globe to its true path and destiny. The same applies to each individual.
This ebb and flow continues all through the journey and pathway of humanity and each individual since the beginning of time.
Required is the ability to, with speed, change one’s behaviour or indeed actions and beliefs to above all survive to live another day – and with wisdom and power gain ascendancy over negative forces.
Each one of us has the free will and ability to make correct choices to ensure survival and success in a world of major challenges and extreme tests of our courage and resolve.
Our life’s most precious quest – freedom and happiness. So we aspire to our highest dreams. Yet when cornered by dramas of extreme negativity we fight like tigers and never surrender to the dark forces of chaos. We invoke Love and Light to fill our lives with strength and fulfilment.
Ones whom adapt and keep their dreams alive will triumph. Ones whom like stunned mullets carry on regardless perish. Ones whom become disillusioned, cynical and angry perish.
The choice is clear – ride out the storms with vigour and a calm powerful will and await the sunlight and victory that is surely our reward, and health and prosperity once again becomes the norm.
Yet without chaos and its challenge, we would be weak souls and without true grit – candles in the wind rather than strong flames of passion and power.

Ô Manna Breath,
Ramon’s Insights

Seeds in the Wind

Ancient maple tree at river's edge in autumn

Ô Manna Breath, I embrace my body and with gratitude nurture its flesh
I honour my ancestors and their gift of life
I honour my mother for her labour and sacrifice
I honour my father for trying to be fatherly
Above all I honour the privilege of being alive and God willing I shall not fail all whom have gone before and all ones yet to be born of thy seed
Ô Great Mother
Ô Great Father
I knowest thouest seeketh love and truth
Let us heal
Let us once again, in deep remembrance, understand we are One only when we feel and see all that has gone before
Because we shall never fail to fulfil our future born of ancestors

Ramon Ravenswood

Earth Mother ~ Cosmic Source

Silhouette of man gazing at Stars. Photo by Greg Rakozy

Many teachings are bantered about.
Many answers are already realised.
Many problems already solved.
Yet round and round the merry-go-round we all continue to dance in an endless carousel. Not realising, forever forgetting the lessons learned over many years of trials and tribulations.
Life is the manifestation of Divine Mind in action. Free will is the opportunity for souls born out of the ocean of consciousness into a landscape of infinite possibilities in the endless creative formations of the ocean’s essences to become amazing and unique.
Yet in the Dance of Life certain cosmic laws exist, put in place by Divine Mind for all cosmic souls to realise and harmonise with.
The colours of a rainbow is law. Beautiful rays of pure life-force awaiting the music of the spheres to create resonance and beautification. All of the rhythms of the manifest Universe create a magnificent cosmos full of vitality and challenge.
Numbers – the law governing Time. For without Time there is no journey, there is only infinite Cosmic Light without memory, without passion, without individual purpose.
Astrological rhythms are the teachers of how we awaken – these laws are the most intimately experienced. Twelve signs of the Zodiac: all stimulate each individual into a perfect rhythm. The Universe is Divine Mind in action and each celestial orb awakens our creative and infinite inner power.
So whom is our greatest teacher? It surely is our flesh bodies and our ability to attune to our physical time zone: then can be revealed our journey’s purpose in the garments woven out of the ocean of Divine Mind.
Love, peace and freedom
Ramon ~ Christmas 2019

Loving Arms of Peace Embrace New Zealand

Green ferns in glimpse of light, emerging from shadow

First and foremost we are a nation of diversity of cultures – collectively joining together under one God Source and worshipping in our own unique ways. Yet following the Christchurch horror, compromise is required to live under the laws and wisdom of our founding elders and souls that have strived to create a better life for all whom bask in this green and pleasant land. And indeed evolve towards a multifaceted diamond of colour, light and vitality rather than a plain, colourless society it almost became in the early and late 20th century.
Yes, all religions have their odd customs and beliefs, yet the challenge is to reach out and see that which unites rather than divides all souls of faith. New Zealand can be a light to the world now by getting through this tragedy together as one nation under heaven.
The elected lawmakers and custodians of New Zealand’s wellbeing, more than ever, are called upon to act decisively to remove hateful ideology from the nation. Removal of white supremacists influence and indeed their ability to spread hate – and any other hateful aspects of our nation also.
Muslims exist in Aotearoa in a constructive and beautiful way as long as they know Allah is not the king of New Zealand – yet a guest in these sacred islands blessed by the Maori guides of the land. Neither is Jesus or Moses or Krishna or Buddha or any other sacred being kings or queens of this land – yet welcome guests to share their magical beingness with the whole of New Zealand’s peoples; and their blessings and Mana welcome among us.
The laws implemented by souls like our prime minister whom is aware of many faiths yet chooses the path of universal love and all are equal under the mantel of her government’s protection and management. Yet hate is not part of her vision nor that of the majority of New Zealanders.
So this is the time to indeed deal with hate firmly yet not be caught up in their sickness and miserable soul dysfunction.
It is a time to see what is loving about us all and how wise and sensible we truly can be. We can heal and become better people all of us. Yet mindful it was the innocent Muslims this time whom were savagely brutally attacked. So they are everyone’s first priority to support and nurture their broken hearts and embrace their wounds as if they were our own.
This way we can once again be a whole nation – blessed by the spiritual Mana of our first nation Maori elders and spiritual ancestors lovingly stretching their arms like a loving white cloud cleansing the stain of evil from our sacred shores.

Ramon Ravenswood

Kia Kaha

You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is like an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty. Mahatma Gandhi

Love and peace to our fellow New Zealanders who were so unspeakably harmed while honouring their connection to God in prayers and the spirit of peace. Love and peace to their families and loved ones who are suffering such profound grief.
May the light inside each and every one of us be strong enough to overwhelm the shadows of hate and ruin.
The accounts of bravery and compassion during and after the attack are astounding and bright stars shining in the midst of such a storm of hate.
These brave people remind us that our communities belong to us: they are expressions of our human bonds and our desire for harmony and to thrive.

Peace and Love to you all,

In Breath, Out Breath

Phases or a series of psychic waves invoke certain responses and actions in an individual’s awakening to themselves and their multifaceted beingness create either satisfaction, harmony and a sense of power or freedom or else a shrinking feeling.

The aware individual overcomes the shrinking sensation – and replaces it with a wider view of the phases and connect the waves and their wholeness.

One’s personal journey towards wholeness – empowerment – is finding one’s centre or core and realizing the orbiting events and their significance to the whole larger picture of one’s journey through time and space – In Breath, Out Breath rhythms are important to feel and recognize as the function of spiritual being. An In Breath is gathering prana and power – contemplation, planning etc. Out Breath is releasing all our prana and energy into the field of dreams we live within, or nightmare according to our soul’s current adventure into personal consciousness.

So breathe in strongly the Manna of Heaven and release your energy wisely and constructively into the world. Once your rhythms are synchronized with the psychic wavelengths of Earth’s creative field, the sky is no longer the limit and infinite possibilities of Cosmic Consciousness and personal fulfilment are fully realized.

Breathe in Love, Light and Wisdom.

Release passion, purpose and your soul desires.

The Universe will feel and hear you and you will be one with Divine Manna.

Ramon Ravenswood

Earth Children ~ Star Children

Blue lake at dusk surrounded by mountains and forest. Image by Luc Tribolet

Remember we are all powerful individual souls who have come into our body to glorify the planet, not to abuse the planet.
We did not come to a body here as human beings, human souls, to dirty the world.
We came to glorify creation.
So see yourself as a Light Being.
As your body becomes coated with the material of the Earth, as your limbs form all around you, as your body and your whole flesh shapes to the earth, feel the dignity and pride of being here.
Feel the magnificence of your bodies standing in the desert and in the valleys and in the mountains of the Earth.
Feel your bodies glorify the perfection of nature.
Feel your glorious bodies as being divine archetypal metaphysical designs of creative fire, creative life: divine mind in action.
You are here to glorify the Earth, to be a perfected one amongst the great mighty Mother.
You are children of the Earth.
You are children of the Stars.
You are here now on Earth, respect this adopted Mother.
Your Earth is your adopted Mother: you are from the cosmos, but you are here in your adopted Mother’s arms.
Bless the Mother, love the Mother, be glorified in the Mother and know that this beautiful, beautiful world welcomes you to change it into wonderful light.
To change it once again into harmony where all ugliness will be healed.


from Ô Manna Breath by Ramon Ravenswood