Audio Samples | Historical Fantasy Book | LUNAR FIRE

I really enjoy listening to audiobooks, they’re got a kind of nostalgic feel to them. So in the spirit of relaxing story-time vibes, I’m sharing a couple of naturalistic (i.e. kind of rough!) audio samples as an offer of introduction to the story and the world of LUNAR FIRE. Hope you enjoy! Tamara LUNAR FIREContinue reading “Audio Samples | Historical Fantasy Book | LUNAR FIRE”

Mystical Journeys

RENWULF CREATIONS has become MYSTICAL JOURNEYS PUBLISHING MYSTICAL JOURNEYS has long been our tagline and mission statement and represents the core of all our writings. From Ramon’s metaphysical essays and poetry, to Natasha’s inspired fiction, to Tamara’s fantasy and poetry we are all writing from the soul and are seekers of that ancient path ofContinue reading “Mystical Journeys”

LUNAR FIRE Character Gallery

I’ve put together a gallery of the cast of characters in LUNAR FIRE to give a glimpse into the tone and mood of some of my major characters. I’ll follow up soon with individual spotlights that speak a bit deeper into the intentions and motivations of each of these main players. Bear in mind, LUNARContinue reading “LUNAR FIRE Character Gallery”